IPD & Operation Theatre

At Dr Astha Eye Care Clinic, we are committed to providing comprehensive inpatient care through our well-equipped IPD (Inpatient Department) and state-of-the-art Operation Theatre. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals, including skilled surgeons and nurses, ensures a seamless and comfortable experience for patients requiring surgical interventions. In this section, we will explore the features and benefits of our IPD and Operation Theatre, emphasizing our commitment to delivering advanced surgical excellence and compassionate patient care.

Comprehensive Inpatient Care:

Admissions and Comfortable Facilities: Our IPD offers comfortable and well-appointed rooms designed to provide a soothing environment for recovery. From admission to discharge, our team ensures that patients receive personalized attention, compassionate care, and round-the-clock medical support.

Preoperative Evaluation: Prior to surgery, patients are thoroughly evaluated to assess their overall health and suitability for the procedure. Our team conducts comprehensive preoperative assessments, including medical history reviews, physical examinations, and necessary diagnostic tests to ensure patient safety and optimize surgical outcomes.

Surgical Planning and Coordination: Our multidisciplinary team of specialists collaborates closely to develop personalized surgical plans. From preoperative consultations to anesthesia management and postoperative care, we ensure seamless coordination to deliver a comprehensive treatment experience.

Advanced Operation Theatre: Our state-of-the-art Operation Theatre is equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling our skilled surgeons to perform a wide range of eye surgeries with precision and accuracy. We adhere to strict infection control protocols to maintain a sterile environment, ensuring patient safety and reducing the risk of surgical complications.

Postoperative Care and Monitoring: Following surgery, our dedicated nursing staff provides attentive postoperative care, monitoring vital signs, managing pain, and addressing any concerns. Regular follow-up visits and comprehensive postoperative instructions are provided to facilitate a smooth recovery and optimize surgical outcomes.

Advanced Surgical Excellence:

Cataract Surgery: Our skilled surgeons specialize in advanced cataract surgery techniques, including laser-assisted cataract surgery, small-incision cataract surgery (SICS), and premium intraocular lens (IOL) implantation. These procedures offer precise and customized solutions to restore clear vision and improve quality of life.

Retinal Surgeries: Our experienced retinal surgeons perform various advanced retinal surgeries, including vitrectomy, retinal detachment repair, macular hole closure, and diabetic retinopathy treatment. These procedures address a wide range of retinal conditions, helping to preserve vision and prevent further deterioration.

Corneal Surgeries: Our ophthalmic experts specialize in corneal surgeries, such as corneal transplantation (keratoplasty), corneal cross-linking (C3R) for keratoconus, and other corneal procedures. These surgeries aim to restore corneal integrity, improve vision, and alleviate corneal conditions.

Glaucoma Surgeries: Our glaucoma specialists perform a variety of advanced glaucoma surgeries, including trabeculectomy, glaucoma drainage implants, and laser trabeculoplasty. These procedures effectively manage intraocular pressure, preserving optic nerve health and preventing further vision loss.

Patient-Centric Approach and Support:

Our IPD and Operation Theatre place a strong emphasis on patient-centric care and support. We understand the anxieties associated with surgical procedures, and our compassionate healthcare professionals are dedicated to addressing patients' concerns, providing clear communication, and ensuring that they feel comfortable and well-informed throughout their stay.

The IPD and Operation Theatre at Dr Astha Eye Care Clinic provide comprehensive inpatient care and advanced surgical excellence. With our skilled team of surgeons, cutting-edge technology, and patient-centric approach, we are committed to delivering exceptional surgical outcomes and compassionate care. Trust our expertise, experience our dedication, and embark on your journey towards improved vision and optimal eye health. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the comprehensive inpatient care you deserve.

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